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Tuesday, October 11

Kanye occupies Wall Street....and the corner of my heart that is very good at hating.

Jesus Christ, will someone PUH-LEAZE(!!) do something about these fuckwads?

"Kanye's been a big supporter, spiritually for this movement. He's just here to stand with the people. He's not-- the politics of it, he doesn't want to make a statement, didn't want to do any media at all, actually. He's here, and I guess there's no way around it....He's here…and he understands this idea about getting the money out of the government and letting the people govern. He wants to give power back to the people. That's why we're here." - Russell Simmons

Right, Russell, right. Uh-huh. Right. Understands? Right. It's one thing to care, it's another to make appearances.

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