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Tuesday, October 11

Schubas/LH giveaway amendment!

Hey folks, just want to make you all aware of a slight change to the Schubas/Lincoln Hall promotion we've been doing. First, let me say thanks to everyone who's come in and picked up an album as part of the promotion. You're awesome and we hope you enjoyed whatever record you bought AND the show you got to see just for buying it from us!

Now, the slightly bad news: The promotion is now limited to ONE show per customer per month. Really that's what the giveaway should have been from the start, but we're dummies and we misunderstood. On the PLUS side, you can still get to see a free show EVERY MONTH if you stop in and pick up a record from one of the performers at saki, so really it's not so bad.

Hope you all understand that we had to put some limitations on this. It's still an amazing deal and we hope you take advantage of it! If this news has a really negative effect on you emotionally, we know a good therapist. Her name is Whiskey and she can help you get over just about anything. If you have any questions about the change, please stop in or call.

Thanks, customers. You're the best!

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