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Tuesday, November 1

Real Estate covers a bunch of stuff for Halloween

Last night, Real Estate launched their US tour at Lincoln Hall, one of my favorite venues in Chicago. In observance of Halloween, the band donned a series of "musical costumes," injecting their set with a block of covers between tracks from their excellent new album Days, which happens to be available now at Saki!

Their choices of covers spanned several decades, including "Anything Could Happen" by The Clean and Weezer's "Holiday." The best of the bunch was their take on Felt's "Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow," featuring vocals by Matt Mondale, Real Estate's lead guitarist/the main dude from Ducktales.

Video from last night's show is not (yet?) available, but you can instead watch a clip of Mondale talk-sing his way through the song in his apartment along with the rest of the band (after some talk of Blink 182-sponsored air travel), courtesy of The Fader.

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