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Wednesday, November 9

This Weekend @ saki!

God, I love weekends at saki, don't you? Monday-Friday, that's all business, business, busyness, but on the weekends we really get to cut loose, perhaps even...footloose!

This weekend we've got the opening reception for our November artist, Rrap Kreyziu. Rrap is a local high school student (originally from Kosovo) who is participating in Homeroom Chicago's Emerging & Established Artist's program. His paintings greatly defy his limited experience in this world. In fact, I shouldn't have told you he was in high school and you wouldn't have known. Oh well, damage done! Moving on.

We also just found out that NPR & New York Times featured artist Cheyenne Marie Mize will be joining us as the musical guest for Rrap's opening! The opening is from 6-9pm and Cheyenne will play at 7pm. If you're not familiar with Cheyenne's music you need to go check out the gems on her site. She's a very talented young artist herself so it's perfectly fitting that she'll be here for Rrap's opening. This is shaping up to be one of our best art shows yet, so get a babysitter for the kids and leave some extra food for the pets - you're going to want to spend some time with us on Saturday.

Sunday is the first ever CHIRP Record Crawl! They're hitting up a bunch of independent stores and we're lucky enough to be one of them. CHIRP, don't ever change, stay you! We luv ya. The crawlers will be here around 3:30pm. To add to the excitement we've also got an amazing in-store on Sunday starting around 4pm with Advance Base (ex-Casiotone For The Painfully Alone) & John Bellows. Both artists are among our favorites in Chicago. Please come out and enjoy their fine, fine music! Then you can go over to Brown Sack and get a shrimp & avocado B.L.T.! How good are those, right?

Alright, that's it. See you this weekend!

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