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Thursday, December 1

The Hideout's Christmas Panto

Every year I talk about how awesome this is, and every year you ignore me to your own unhappy detriment. By popular demand, Sally Timms and pals are putting on the Fifth Annual Hideout Christmas Panto. This year's theme is Egyptian/Cosmic, with our beloved Jonboy Langford playing...
Cleopatra, Queen of DeNial “Oh No I’m not” and the Hidden Treasures of the Mummy’s Tomb. In the role of a lifetime, Pantomime Dame Jon Langford channels his inner Liz Taylor to star as the mesmerizing Queen Cleopatra. Featuring Tim Tuten as King Tuten K Moon, the Boy King, Gnat Ward as Queen Woadicea of the Ancient Britons, Mike Bulington as The Mummy, Callie Roach as Indiana Hump and a swarthy mass of yet uncast Hideout regulars as Julius Geezer, Mark Apathy, Lord Curmudgeon and other Ridiculous Romans, Smelly Early Britons and Senile Soothe Sayers.
Yep. So put on a smile, have some drinks, hiss at the villains, cheer the heroes, and take part in the long English tradition of (holiday) cross-dressing.* The first year, they built a full-on PIRATE SHIP on stage!
So what else do I gotta say to persuade you? GO.

At the first one, Jon's mum confided in me that her son seemed "to enjoy it a bit much." You can take the boy out of England, but you can't take the England out of the boy, I reckon.

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