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Saturday, December 31

Hideout's Fifth Annual Christmas Panto

We attended our third Hideout Christmas Panto. As always it stealthily avoids my ability to adequately describe what we saw. The AV Club posted a good interview with Sally Timms about the Brit panto tradition and the liberties taken by The Hideout crew.

I may never fully recover from what I saw that night. I took pictures.

Cleopatra & Eunuch
Cleopatra (Jon Langford) and Eunuch (Amy Lombardi)

Bobby Conn, Callie Roach, Camel Indy (Bobby Conn), Farouk (Callie Roach), Pantomime Camel Cleopatra, King Tuten K Moon, Indy Cleopatra, King Tuten K Moon, Indy Queen Woadicea & her Ancient Blue Britons Queen Woadicea & her Ancient Blue Britons Queen Woadicea and Soothsayers Queen Woadicea and Soothsayers Cleopatra & Talking Skull
Cleo and talking skull Mike Bulington as The Mummy strikes again! The Mummy strikes again! Indy & Antony fight over Cleo Indy and Antony fight over Cleo. Why? I don't know!Things get weird. Things get weird. Planet of the Apes Planet of the Apes and Antony as Charlton Heston.Jon, Lisa, & Julia 3 Jon, Lisa, and Julia. Jon wouldn't leave character.
Here's the link to the full set.

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  1. fantastic patrick!!! i love these...jon bears a strange resemblance to a very masculine kathy acker in the last shot


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