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Monday, December 12

New Releases @ saki 12/13/11!

Captain Beefheart "Doc At The Radar Station" & "Ice Cream For Crow" (re-issues) LP
Miles Davis "Dark Magus" (re-issue) LP
Low "I Could Live In Hope" (re-issue) LP
Mungolian Jetset "Schlungs" LP
The Birthday Party "Prayers On Fire" / "Hee-Haw" / "Junkyard" (re-issues) LP
The Saints "Eternally Yours" (re-issue) LP
Ty Segall "Singles 2007-2010" LP
Stone Breath / Mike Seed w/ The Language Of Light "The Aetheric Lamp" LP

1 comment:

  1. How good is Eternally Yours, eh?

    Sooo good. That's how much.


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