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Wednesday, January 25

The A.V. Club Debuts New Megan Reilly Track

We are very excited by the amount of love and support we're receiving over here at Carrot Top Records HQ for the upcoming Megan Reilly record The Well. It doesn't come out until April 24th, but we're sure to be talking about it until y'all can hear the whole thing. We're excited to announce that the A.V. Club premiered the track "Sew the Threads Into Your Heart" off The Well this morning! Here's what they had to say:

Claiming both Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott and Roy Orbison as influences-along with more obvious touchstones like Neko Case and Patti Griffin- Megan Reilly has the kind of pipes and grit that belie her singer-songwriter trappings. It's been six years since Reilly released her previous album, Let Your Ghost Go, but the forthcoming The Well (due out April 24) promises to be a strong follow-up based on the great "Sew The Threads Into Your Heart," which The A.V. Club is streaming exclusively. A thoroughly beguiling folk-pop song, "Heart" builds to a climactic guitar solo that Lynott himself would be proud of. 

Check out the page and stream "Sew The Threads Into Your Heart" HERE.

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