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Thursday, January 5

Candy Dinner, sweet.

Candy Dinner is a locally operated collective geared at giving artists the opportunity to distribute their music to a wide audience without any long-term commitment or physical media. While many people, myself included, might find digital-only releases by nature disappointing, the fact remains that it isn't easy or cheap to put a record out. Most artists need to put on their working-stiff hats at least sometimes to make ends-meat (and art), and in an ever changing industry landscape it's understandable that fewer and fewer labels are willing or able to take risks. It's a shame that the albums, only exists in the ether, but having any format is better than none, right?

Candy Dinner's latest release was the seven track sophomore release from local surf-tinged post-punk combo Tiger Bones. Before that, "You Can't Win", a full-length from howling organ-lead garage trio, and personal favorite, The Runnies. The digital distro community has also made available releases from Grey Ghost and the Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet.

You can download the records for free at candydinner.com There's a donation button right next to the download link, support the artists and use it.

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