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Thursday, January 12

Cut Hands

CUT HANDS “Volume 1 & 2” -- On paper, “Afro Noise” might seem like a faintly ludicrous idea. It’s testament to the abilities of William Bennett, however, that the end result is no such thing. Since the dissolution of Whitehouse several years ago (at the very least - the iteration featuring longtime collaborator Philip Best), Bennett, a serious music collector and enthusiast of all genres of music including Italo Disco (!), immersed himself in the indigenous musics of Ghana, the Congo, and Haiti, finding new inspiration in these largely percussion-based forms of music. Yes, this is occasionally abrasive, but far more accessible than most of the Whitehouse material (even though several Whitehouse tracks are incorporated into the fold) and while some might find a double album’s worth of material like this daunting and somewhat exhausting, one has to admit that it sounds like nothing else around -- the visceral yet heady brew Bennett creates here is remarkably intoxicating and invigorating. This 2-part vinyl release also includes 3 bonus tracks that were recently featured on a Japanese-only EP. Now in stock at saki and on tour in February -- Cut Hands plays live at the Empty Bottle on 2/18.

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