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Tuesday, January 31

Laura Gibson "La Grande" Pitchfork 7.4

Back in December, Jealous Butcher Records released a 7" from Laura Gibson entitled "La Grande"....and what a teaser it was! Sure, the full length CD and digital versions of La Grande (the album) are on Barsuk and City Slang Records respectively, but the dreamiest of all formats, VINYL has been released on Jealous Butcher...and Pitchfork, though they missed that important nugget of information in this, our ever-aware digital age, awarded it a 7.4 rating ~

(the single)

"Rather than another exercise in genre-dabbling and dilettantism, La Grande succeeds as a cohesive work thanks to the persistence of Gibson's vision. As a songwriter she's preoccupied with those timeless questions of the human condition, but seldom if ever stumbles into pretension or self-satisfaction. Themes of love, loss, regret, and mortality crop up often, and, significantly, they're well-served by the surrounding songcraft."

(the album)

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