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Monday, January 16

Todd Terje "It's The Arps" 12" 7.6 on Pitchfork

CTD is fresh on the heels of the latest 12" release from Smalltown Supersound, titled It's The Arps by Todd Terje,...crafted entirely with an ARP2600 analog synthesizer. And Pitchfork woke up on a Monday in January and gave it a 7.6!

"This might've been lost in the space disco explosion a half-decade ago, but with his contemporaries wandering off into prog, kraut, and sundry other forms of out-music, the clean lines and easy momentum of It's the Arps are really refreshing. And Jesus, it's fun. The trouble with moments, of course, is extending them. Terje has the imagination."

"On It's the Arps, he trades the sturdy eight-minute structures of Ragysh for a baggier and more colorful sound. 'Inspector Norse' would be a pro-forma space-disco jam in lesser hands - it has that bulbous bassline, the tint of humor - but Terje transforms it into a daytime noir, one that spreads its pinging notes wide."

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