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Tuesday, January 3

Tragedy & Geometry - Pitchfork 7.4

Hello 2012!
Goodbye 2011!
Don't let the door hit-cha where the dog shoulda bit-cha!

It's so nice to see our friends Kranky receive the first review of the new year on Pitchfork, though the 7.4 could be higher in our opinion(s), we're happy to see one of the Emeralds step out solo, (that being Tragedy & Geometry on LP/CD by Steve Hauschildt).

"He focuses on small, basic patterns that produce two kinds of songs-- slow, drifting drones and pulsing, minimalist loops. The effect can be as big and spacious as anything his group does, but Hauschildt always starts from a base of simplicity. Each track is an exercise in turning tiny sounds and gradual shifts into something large."

"Throughout, Hauschildt deftly treads the fine line between guiding his instrument and letting its cyclical mechanisms do the work. You get the sense that he's basically happy to get out of his own way-- a common goal with anything this mantra-like-- and is as awed by the hypnotic aspects of overlapping synths as the emotional ones. Maybe that's the key to Tragedy & Geometry's sneaky power-- by letting his synths tell tales instead of forcing them to, Hauschildt finds stories bigger than his own."

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