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Wednesday, February 1

Black Bananas on Pitchfork (7.8!), Todd Terje on NPR (Song of the Day) and the BEST WORST CHURCH SINGER...EVER.

Oh Lordy! It's Wednesday.  What would Jesus do on a Wednesday?  I'm sure he'd check a few websites first thing in the morning (assuming he will have assimilated to "modern times", that is)....and today he'd find a triple-dose of awesomeness ~

Who said that on the 7th day, he rested?  I propose that on that day, he kicked back a cold one and dropped the needle on the new platter from BLACK BANANAS - the new/old vehicle of Jennifer Herrema (she, of Royal Trux and RTX fame).  Pitchfork speaks the gospel truth - they awarded Rad Times Xpress IV LP/CD with a 7.8 review today.  Lord bless us one and all ~

"The album doesn't so much begin as burst its dam, with opener 'It's Cool' arriving in such a thick surge of wah-wahed guitars and phased-out synths, it takes you a minute to realize the song actually adheres to standard blues structure....Twenty-four years into her musical career and still busting skulls, Jennifer Herrema is not about to let a little rumination on mortality get in the way of a rad time."

After washing down that incredible tid-bit, he'd check out NPR's song of the day (but I doubt he donates during pledge drives) called "Inspector Noise" from TODD TERJE - DJ extraordinare - who's It's The Arps 12" was released in mid January ~

"'Inspector Norse' starts with a cosmic whoosh before settling into a hopping little disco groove."

Amen, brothers, sisters, children, cats, dogs....AMEN.

After the calvalcade of information to his brain, our lord would likely try to relax by watching a YouTube video of some one singing an ode...well, to him.  He's the lord.  Sure he's vain, but hey, wouldn't you be?

Affter watching, he'd cry. Relentlessly.

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