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Thursday, March 15

The Infamous Bad Brains, Big Boys, MDC Incident

Finally, The Big Boys' Tim Kerr sets the record straight about what happened when his now legendary Austin punk band

set up a now infamous 1982 DIY show for DC rasta punkers Bad Brains. I have heard bits of this story, but never the whole tale. I got to Austin in 1984, so I missed all the fun. I guess you give HR the benefit of keeping the courage of his convictions, no matter how backwards and bigoted they may be. The thievery, damage, and destruction...I don't know how you rationalize all that.

The "below cost, something" they needed was obviously weed. Back in the day, that's the part that was most rumored more than the anti-gay slurs, and certainly not the vandalism.

All this aside, Bad Brains were the best live band on the planet during the 80's. I have seen a lot of bands and none, neither small nor large, any better.

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