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Friday, March 16

Musical Wine Tasting featured on WBEZ's Weekender!

WBEZ's Alison Cuddy (@wbezacuddy) recommends a few great events this weekend. Tonight, check out NEDtalks at the Hideout. It's a nerdy, comical take on the TEDtalks that your mom & aunt are probably e-mailing to you by now... Then, on Saturday, she recommends saki's Musical Wine Tasting with our friends at Provenance Food & Wine! We'd like to add Logan Theatre's soft reopening with matinee screenings of The Goonies, Blues Brothers, Wizard of Oz & Enter The Fist for $1! Check that out and then come over to saki where it's even cheaper - it's FREE! Wine & snacks from Provenance & music by Sebetha & Bullet Hell!

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