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Wednesday, March 14

Musical Wine Tasting this Saturday @ saki!

This Saturday, we're having our first Musical Wine Tasting with our friends at Provenance Food & Wine, featuring special guests Sebetha and Bullet Hell. The event is completely free, with wine samples and light snacks provided by Provenance!

Musical Wine Tasting combines the classy pleasures of a fine wine tasting with the aural indulgence of experimental ambient music.

Throughout the evening, vendors handpicked by Provenance Food and Wine will be offering samples of several varieties of wine, including two featured bottles, which will be "paired" with the evening's two musical guests, ambient sound-scapers Sebetha and Bullet Hell, an experimental electronic trio. As a lighthearted tribute to the fancy practice of wine evaluation, the musical guests will also be analyzed by the event's attendees according to the same standards as the wine. Everything from the artist's visual aesthetic to their deeply complex aroma will be examined and incorporated into the appreciation of their performance.

The Musical Wine Tasting is designed to be user-friendly: The tasting will be in a casual, open house format, with both the Provenance representatives and the musical guests completely open to any and all questions audience members may have throughout the evening.

Think of it as saki's alternative to the traditional St. Patrick's Day debauchery; by incorporating the most basic tenants of the day's events (drinking and music) into a more well-behaved, laid back event, we hope to add a touch of finesse to this notoriously hard partying day.

As an added bonus, we'll also have a few bottles of the featured wines to give away! So... free wine, free snacks, free music & no drunk assholes knocking into you and trying to fight you because... they're Irish or something??? Yeah, this will be a good time.

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