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Thursday, March 22

TONIGHT & This Weekend @ saki!

This is Jonny Rodgers - he's playing a semi-last minute Epitonic saki Session for us tonight at 6 with his friends, Faux Fix!

Jonny played for us once before as a backing member of Son Lux, but this is his first solo show at saki. Check out some of the videos on his website to get a feel for what he does - mostly with wine glasses - it's pretty incredible!

Faux Fix are on a nationwide "Living Room" tour right now. Saki isn't quite as cozy as most people's living rooms, but we certainly try... Come hang out with us, bring a cold drink, relax, enjoy the weather. We'll see you tonight!

We also have an in-store with locals Slushy & Twin Peaks (Yes, it's spelled with a "ks," not an "x") on Saturday AND another Epitonic saki Session with Cymbals Eat Guitars and Secret Colours on Sunday! Cymbals Eat Guitar are in town opening for Cursive, so we're very humbled that they're going to play for us. Set up camp at saki this weekend and keep an eye out for all these sessions posted on Epitonic very soon!

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