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Friday, April 13

120 Days "II" 7.0 / Pitchfork

Quoting Pitchfork's 7.0 review of the new 120 Days LP / CD "II" on Splendour ~

"As future robot historians will inevitably note, a plague swept through the society of machines in the third millennium. In chillwave and drag house, in post-dubstep and R&B, in neo-IDM and electronic psychedelia, palsied drum machines lurched and staggered. Ailing synths with gummy keys coughed out sickly pitches. As the precision of machines tightened around us, we forced them to be everything that didn't come naturally to them: faulty, erratic, human. But the robots decisively rally on the new album by 120 Days, where an armada of hardware fires on all circuits, larger than life and possibly out for revenge."

I don't even know what that means! And we've been warned about robot uprisings before...from a band called Servotron, but that's another story for another time.

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