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Monday, April 16

The Alabama Shakes - Live on "Letterman"

Debut full-length "Boys & Girls" out now on ATO
The Alabama Shakes (formerly just, The Shakes), are walking a road well-traveled. It's got new pavement, four-way stops, crossing-guards with little orange vests, and a low speed-limit. It's one of the main strips in the "up and coming" part of town. It's good for window shopping or brunch, and it's safe to walk alone at night.

Now, whether or not a band with only one full-length album under it's belt deserves the opportunity to play on a national stage like "Letterman" might be debatable no matter what kind of music it's making. Personally, I say one full-length is better than none, and if you're gonna do it, you better pull it off. To their credit, I think The Alabama Shakes nailed it.

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