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Monday, April 2

LOTUS PLAZA "Spooky Action At A Distance" = 8.4 BEST NEW MUSIC / PITCHFORK

Spring has finally sprung, and Pitchfork has finally stopped writing about who did what at SxSW (thank jebus!).  They've moved onto BETTER things.  Such as awarding an 8.4 BEST NEW MUSIC rating for Lotus Plaza's Spooky Action At A Distance LP/CD on Kranky.  

For those of you under rocks, Lotus Plaza is none other than Lockett Pundt, guitarist for Deerhunter.  This is his 2nd release, following (the equally great) Floodlight Collective LP/CD. Check out what the big brains had to say ~

"Lest it seem like Spooky Action is an overly subtle work, it's worth reiterating that its 44 minutes are unerringly tuneful and immediate, the sort of thing that seems unambitious until you step back and ask yourself just how many records out there manage to actually pull it off. And Pundt's means of cranking out one instantly memorable chorus after another brings to mind someone who's incredibly good at sports wagering: there's surely some intuition and luck involved, but Pundt's a guy who's figured out how certain mismatches and trends work to his advantage."

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