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Saturday, April 21

RSD zine & exclusive deals!

If you're coming out to saki for Record Store Day, we've got some pretty special exclusive deals for you!

First, we've got our handmade RSD zine, with capsule reviews of RSD items, an interview with Mark Robinson of Unrest/Teenbeat, recipes, recommendations from staff and our featured artist for April, Ryan Duggan & much, much more! "What Are We Listening To: A Zine by saki" is FREE with purchase!

Second, we've got our Ryan Duggan-designed limited edition shirts & screen prints! The shirts are $12 & the prints are $5, but if you buy them together it's $15! The shirts are limited to 25 and the prints are limited to 50. If we run out of your size in the shirts, we'll take your name, contact info & size. If we get enough requests for more sizes, we'll print another run of shirts!

Third, we've got Unrest "Make Coffee" mugs for $12, but if you buy it with the Unrest "Perfect Teeth" box, the mug is $10! We STRONGLY recommend that deal.

Fourth, we've got some exclusive freebies from the fine people of Whistler Records, Busy Beaver Button Co., Flingco, & more! Saki is the only place you'll find the Busy Beaver Button-o-matic & FREE promo copies of Whistler Records vinyl!

And then, of course, there are all the deals you can get with your saki receipt! Find all the info at our RSD 2012 page & don't forget to have your receipt printed or e-mailed to you so you can take advantage of all that awesomeness!

See you soon!

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