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Friday, May 11

Audiovore, Denver

Check out this awesome new a/v project from my old home-away-from-home.

"Audiovore is an online platform dedicated to the documentation and promotion of Colorado’s music and arts scene through the production of high quality audio and video content."

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake combine elements of dance, punk, post-punk, and darkwave into a mass of churning rhythm and haunting vocals. A Denver favorite and for good reason. Follow the links below for exclusive footage of their Hi-Dive soundcheck.

"Halcyon Days" Sound check performance from February 11th at the Hi-Dive

"Evil Eye" Sound check performance from February 11th at the Hi-Dive

In addition to extremely well done videos, which I can't post because of permission issues, Audiovore also features playlists and interviews of some of Denver's most notable talent. The interviews are conducted by former Local Shakedown host Patrick Collins, a Denver know-it-all, taste-maker, and DJ extraordinaire.

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