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Friday, May 18

This Weekend @ saki!

One of the best parts of our partnership with Epitonic is MORE HIP HOP! We love hosting all kinds of music at saki. Just the other week we had a total free jazz freak out with the opening art reception & release show for Sonnenzimmer's Free Jazz Bitmpaps! Of course, that was followed by a more straight forward rock show with Future Hits & Speck Mountain. Let's just say the rock-heavy tendency of our in-stores is a consequence of circumstance, not taste. Most of the bands that come our way just happen to have beards & wear flannel shirts.

The folks at Epitonic, however, have helped us out in digging up some really great local hip hop acts & we couldn't be happier to have Sidewalk Chalk & Jip Jop tomorrow at 6! Go check out some of their stuff & get ready for one of our liveliest Epitonic saki Sessions yet. No indie-rock head nods allowed!

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  1. Even MORE HIPHOP... but... different.

    Don't ask how this found you cus I don't know either. I'm just blunted



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