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Thursday, May 17

Happy Birthday, Get Bent!

Happy 1st birthday Get Bent! You're one of my favorite psychedelic, garage, punk, power-pop n' roll blogs.

This is one of many reasons I visit you daily....

Review: Slug Guts - Stranglin’ You Too 7” EP

The Hozac Hookup Klub subscription series is always more than worth the money to sign up, especially with this latest round of stellar underground rock. The cream of the crop has to be the new single from Slug Guts, entitled Stranglin You Too.
Slug Guts’ play stomach-wrenching, swampy, gothic noise rock that owes much to fellow Australians the Birthday Party and the Scientists, as well as early Christian Death. Last year’s epic noise-rattled LP Howlin’ Gang on Sacred Bones was an ear-blistering effort that ought to have awoken fans looking for lost Swans albums/demos out of their stupor. Slug Guts’ new single is even better than that.
All four of these tracks crammed onto Stranglin’ You Too continue on in the abrasive, murky, post-apocalyptic rock vibe of their earlier releases. ”Sucking Down” is like a schizophrenic homeless man on the corner howling about the evils of the world and its eminent end. “Coathanger Blue” and “Old Sores, New Boys” show their love of old Touch and Go records and thrashy mid tempo guitar rock. But it’s really the title track that nails the creepy vibe down. Kinda like a slowed-down Murder City Devils mixed with a vitriolic blast of blues-based feedback, the kind that the Chrome Cranks are known for.
Listen to “Stranglin You Too” below.
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