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Monday, May 7

Mannequin Men at saki!

One of our favorite Chicago bands, well, let's face it, one of our favorite bands in general, Mannequin Men played saki last month as part of our very first Creative Control show with Joe McAdam. Creative Control features stand-up & sketch comedy with a musical guest. We sell records, so we always get excited to hear a band play in our space, but it's nice to hear the band say "We like comedy more than we like music." We kind of agree, sometimes... kind of. Music's still pretty great though, right!!?

Our friend, Sei Jin (@sadlypanda) took these videos on his super hi-tech 3D camera (or possible his iPhone). He also shot the video of Bare Mutants from RSD. Check out some of his other videos from local shows too!

Mannequin Men at saki - Part 1

Mannequin Men at saki - Part 2

This month's Creative Control is Friday, May 25th with Junior Stopka & Geronimo! among others. If you saw Geronimo!'s performance at The Late Live Show a few weeks ago, here's your chance to see them with vocals! They totally held up without vocals too, BTW. What a great band!

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