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Monday, May 7

saki Gallery June Opening: Shawn Stucky


The Sun Will Rise With Me: An Exhibition by Shawn Stucky
Opening Reception Saturday, June 2nd, 6-9pm at saki. Free.
Hors d'oeuvres provided by saki 
Whiskey & Spirits tasting from Koval Distillery 
Beverages from Cellar Rat

Shawn Stucky began his early work by taking the intangible passions and feelings that people share in music and translating them into physical form. This has progressed to reproducing what he calls his “silent film animations” that appear in his head on the verge of sleep. When looking for new sources of inspiration, Stucky later found it in the most personal of places. It was quietly lurking in that mysterious space between waking-life and dreams, hidden in plain sight. In these “silent film animations,” he sees films vividly playing in stop-motion. The imagery ranges from children on swing sets to odd-looking elderly men spinning chairs above their heads. Through these waking dreams, Stucky consciously collects the imagery to reproduce in his art.

Stucky was born red/green colorblind and moved from McPherson, Kansas to Chicago in 2002. He created his first screen print in 2006 and identifies that moment as the first time he was able to put his artistic visions onto paper. His process is based on simultaneously engaging his conscious and unconscious mind to express an intense emotion or complex thought based on personal experience. He utilizes the challenge of being red/green
colorblind in his work by relying on value more than color.

Shawn Stucky has shown his work nationally and internationally in New York, London, Pescara, Italy, the recording studio of Sigur Rós in Mosfellsbær Iceland, Keflavík, Iceland, and Chicago.

Please join us Saturday, June 2nd from 6 - 9pm for the opening of The Sun Will Rise With Me: An Exhibition by Shawn Stucky. Enjoy a tasting table of whiskey and spirits from Koval Distillery, cool beverages from Cellar Rat, and food provided by saki. This event is FREE.

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