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Friday, June 8

20% off at saki this weekend!

We're  celebrating our 2nd anniversary this weekend! We've got an Epitonic saki Session with Megan Reilly & Julia Byrne on Saturday afternoon, followed by Megan's show with Speck Mountain at The Hideout later that night. To add to the festive occasion, we'll have a cake & some snacks for anyone who comes out for the session on Saturday afternoon to celebrate saki's birthday & Megan's latest release, The Well on Carrot Top Records!

Then, on Sunday, we're hosting a live You, Me, Them, Everybody podcast with guests, Miles Raymer, Joe McAdam & Daniel Knox! If you've ever seen this live talk show-style podcast at Whistler or Hungry Brain before, you know you're in for a treat!YMTE also hosted "Important Records" at saki last week. That podcast is available now!

Now, that's all pretty exciting, but here's the best part: We're having a 20% OFF SALE all day Saturday & Sunday for anyone who wishes saki a happy birthday at checkout! Just say "Happy Birthday saki," or something like that and we'll take 20% off your entire purchase (excluding artwork).

We'll also accept gifts and birthday cards on saki's behalf. We here she really likes Binnys gift cards...

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