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Friday, June 22

Blues Control - Outta control on Pitchfork

Pitchfork treated the new Drag City LP/CD/CAS release, Valley Tangents, from DC newbies, Blues Control, with a 7.0 review today.  See what those big brains hadta say ~

...the album's quietest and most reserved moment, "Open Air", is also its most intriguing, both as a six-minute listen and as a suggestion of Blue Control's growth outside of New York's din. Over heavy tape hiss, Cho's fingers drift along her piano, hints of a restrained Chopin étude eventually tumbling forward into the emphatic streams of notes and stops that Keith Jarrett made his solo trademark. Waterhouse creeps in, tucking his synthesizer glow between the piano's patter and the recording's hiss. He eventually adds bass (chiseled phrases, like Jaco on a dimmer) and the slightest tickle of percussion. If you're waiting for Blues Control to get strange here, keep waiting: "Open Air" sighs into silence after six minutes, suggesting that Waterhouse and Cho now know that they don't need to be outlandish or aggressively inclusive to be interesting. And that, more than anything, seems to be the kind of music Blues Control are bound, determined, and once again able to make.

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