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Monday, June 11

New Geronimo! cassette EXCLUSIVELY at saki!

We feel like we've had a lot of Geronimo! in our lives lately. They played saki last year, then we caught them at The Late Live Show, where they had some technical difficulties but managed to power through a great set even without any audible vocals. Then they showed up for last month's Creative Control & played a fast & sweaty set of full-on rock peppered with a classic Milwaukee Brewers joke that rivaled the stand-up comics that they followed that night. Well, maybe not, but you know, people laughed...

Now we're proud to announce that you can get Geronimo!'s latest tape exclusively at saki (until the band's upcoming show at Township on the 23rd) for a whopping $2. "Buzz Your Girlfriend Vol. 2: The Burden of Genius" comes on a red cassette in an awesome fold-out chipboard packaging. My personal favorite part is that it features a cover of Beat Happening's "Indian Summer," sped-up to Geronimo!-friendly tempo. You can check out one of the other tracks called "Neon Head" if you want to get a little taste of Geronimo! before you fully commit to buying a TWO DOLLAR tape. OR, you can just take our word for it & come pick one up RIGHT NOW.

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