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Thursday, June 14

saki After Hours: Concatenating Pedals presented by Glad Cloud!

Concatenating Pedals is saki's latest After Hours show! It's a collaborative experiment in music making. The show offers attendees a chance to participate in the creation of a wholly unique piece of abstract music by manipulating guitar pedals placed throughout the room.

The basic concept is simple: musicians’ instruments will be connected, by a string of guitar pedals, to their amplifiers on the other side of the room.

As the musicians improvise, attendees will be free to walk amongst the pedals, twisting dials, sliding faders, and otherwise manipulating the final sound. We hope to create a space charged with an almost palpable electric current of sound.

The show can be seen as a sort of extension of Glad Cloud, a monthly ambient music showcase organized by Ben Mjolsness at The Whistler. Mjolsness assumed the role of curator for this show, hand picking nearly all of the evening’s performers.

The audio from the evening’s performance will be recorded and released as a limited edition cassette tape, the inaugural release from saki records, the store’s new in-house record label.

The show is co-presented by Glad Cloud and begins at 8pm, Saturday June 30. As with everything at saki, the event is totally free, all ages, and BYOB.

Lineup information is as follows:

Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc, Owls, Make Believe, Cap'n Jazz)
Jonathan Krohn (Male)
Jordan Martins (The Plastic Council)
Todd Mattei (Joan of Arc, Male, Litesalive)
Ben Mjolsness (Male, Mass Shivers)
Dan Mohr (Dhalgren, DRMWPN)
Jason Shanley (Cinchel)
Sam Wagster (The Father Costume, Dhalgren, The Fruit Bats)

...and of course, YOU!

Plus more to be announced!

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