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Tuesday, June 26

Vinnie the Intern Blog #3: A Snapshot of Northwestern Suburban Bands. (Also, Squeamish to play Saturday, June 30th at the Underground Lounge!)

This week on Vinnie the Intern's blog I will be giving a look into bands that my friends and I have been in and will be talking about the newest EP from one of my friend's bands. I have been lucky enough to play alongside some incredible musicians. It has been a while since I have been part of the writing and recording process. It is something I have sincerely missed. 

The band I played bass for, Et Tu? (Shameless plug! Here is our Bandcamp), has dissolved, although never officially disbanded, due to our members being spread out across the mid-west. Being able to record in an actual studio was one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever enjoyed. I really want to get back to that someday.

Et Tu's lead singer/guitarist went on to join multiple projects in the Northwestern Suburbs, notably including a self-proclaimed "Cruise-Rock" two-piece heavily influenced by Death From Above 1979 and the Cars called No Pony; No Party.

Our guitarist joined several bands in as well such as the Wind & the Sea, Balloon Animals, and Fitness Tapes until there was solidity in line-ups and practices with his newest musical venture. That band, the reason I am writing this blog, is called Squeamish.

Squeamish is an Ohio-based group composed of Sean Kelly (guitar and vocals), Jordan Mitchell (guitar and vocals), Lenny Burkett (bass and vocals), and Kyle Cardwell (drums and vocals). Their EP, Hammerhead, available for download on Bandcamp was mixed by Bobby Leonard and produced by the band.

Hammerhead was released last Friday and I can delightfully say I enjoyed every second of this 14 minute burst of energy. While Squeamish can be classified as pop-punk, there is much here that is similar to At the Drive-In (circa Alfaro Vive, Cajaro!/Acrobatic Tenement). Squeamish's two lead vocalists keep textures interesting and Sean Kelly's angular, spastic riffs compliment a solid rhythm section.

I spoke with Sean about the recording process and he stated:

"Though the recording turned into a bit of a convoluted process, we're all super stoked to have the EP done. There will hopefully be more to come soon. With this tour, we're really just hoping as many people hear us as humanly possible. We're looking forward to a solid time with Steamboat and our friends in Chicago and Kalamazoo."
June 28th marks their first day of their tour. Squeamish will perform at Carabar at 10:00PM in Columbus, Ohio. On the 29th, they will trek to Kalamazoo, Michigan at Fat Guy House at 10:00PM, and then end their trip in Chicago at the Underground Lounge at 8:00 on June 30th.

Brownie Mountain will be playing alongside Squeamish on the 30th. Their newest album, Good Goals, released earlier this March can be listened to on their Bandcamp, Minneapolis-based band Ghost Towns of the West will also be playing on the at the Underground Lounge.

Make sure you get out there and support bands playing passionate music. I will be at the Underground Lounge this Saturday. Hope to see you there as well!

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