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Tuesday, June 19

Vinnie the Intern's Blog #2: How To Make An Interesting Mixtape

It's that time of the week for Vinnie the Intern's blog post. This week I will be talking about my choices for what songs to include in a mix tape.

I am passionate about making mix tapes. It may be due to the fact that my commute to work often hangs around the hour mark. Mix tapes have unquestionably made these mind numbing drives tolerable. There is nothing better than being taken over by music and shamelessly dancing, rapping, or singing in your car with the windows down, much to the dismay of the surrounding drivers. I am a frequent offender of all of the above. Below is my list for my ideal mix tape. It blends countless genres making for an engrossing (and hopefully enjoyable) listen. I hope that you check out these songs and that they encourage you to add them to a mix tape you make in the future.

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