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Wednesday, July 11

Big Week for Megan Reilly

First, the cool people of Pittsburgh's AltarTV created a crazy cool ass set at some point, plopped Megan down in the middle of it, did a nice little interview, and, without too much coaxing, got her to sing like a bird on a stripped down, solo version of "To Seal My Love." Then they wrote really nice things about her, too, saying she's “simply a special talent” and that the album is a “showcase for her tremendous voice.”

Friday, National Geographic Music premiered the haunting new video for "The Lady of Leitrim," a "slow burning Celtic lament" wherein Megan tries to make sense of the tragic story of her Irish immigrant great aunt, Bridie.

Monday, David Dye and World Cafe posted their interview with Megan along with exclusive recordings of four songs that she and her ace band laid own in the World Cafe studios. We think Megan's band (Steve Goulding-d, Tony Maimone-b, and James Mastro-g) is the best around, and David Dye agrees! Be sure to check out the exclusive Web Extra song, "Under the Waves," that you won't hear on the broadcast.

Ignore at your own peril, indeed!

Today, the fine people at Epitonic posted their Epitonic saki Session MP3s and accompanying videos--all recorded right here at saki. The punchy five song session also includes a short, exclusive interview with Megan by Rachel Angres. For the visually inclined, you can also watch the whole show on Megan's Epitonic saki Session Vimeo channel.

Go Megan!


(and special thanks to the Great State of Pennsylvania!)

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