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Tuesday, July 3

Clayton the intern's blog: a farewell to Girls

Yesterday, Girls' frontman Christopher Owens took to Twitter to announce his departure from the San Francisco-based band. Owens cited 'personal reasons' for the split but insisted he would still be producing new music. This news comes within the same year that Girls enjoyed critical acclaim with their September 2011 release Father, Son, Holy Ghost (which reached 37 on the Billboard 200)made their first television appearances, and sold out venues across a sprawling world tour. It's hard to imagine Girls continuing on as the same band without their singer and guitarist. 

Girls, we hardly knew yee. But all things must come to an end and it's best to move on. To help us all move on and fill the emptiness in our hearts, I present to you the "Farewell, Girls" playlist, a sampling of songs which have nothing to do with the band musically except that they feature the word 'girls' in their title.

1. Jay-Z "Girls, Girls, Girls"
In case you weren't sure, Hova really likes girls.

2. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince "Girls Ain't Nothin But Trouble" 
If you were able to watch I Am Legend without thinking of this music video, you're stronger than I am.

3. LCD Soundsystem "Drunk Girls" 
Another RIP

4. Duran Duran "Girls On Film" 
What ever happened to that Duran Duran comeback?

5. The Beach Boys "California Girls"
Most (all?) Beach Boys songs are about girls, but this is one of the more iconic of them.

6. Beastie Boys "Girls" 
Because the Jay-Z song was a little TOO respectful toward women.

7. Starfucker "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" 
Better than the original, but certainly not as good as the Miley Cyrus rendition.

8. Queen "Fat Bottomed Girls" 
I'm pretty excited for the long-awaited Sasha Baron Cohen as Freddy Mercury Queen flick.

9. "Girls and Boys" Blur 
Apparently Blur has started releasing new music. Meh.

Still, none of these songs will help you fill that Girls-shaped void in your soul. If you're really in need of a new summery, guitar-strummin' California indie pop rock outfit, I recommend Mrs. Magician. I'm not sure why the San Diego band hasn't got more people talking yet, but they will. Their debut album "Strange Heaven" is out now and you should give it a listen. To give you a sampler, here is the Richard Dawkins approved single "There Is No God." It sounds a little like what Mike Love and Brian Wilson would feel like the day both of their girlfriends dumped them. Enjoy!

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