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Monday, July 16

Interview with Like Pioneers

Bobby Gallivan, Matt Holland, Janie Porche, Dan Radzicki and Jesse Woghin are
Like Pioneers.

Rachel Angres doesn't work at saki, but we're lucky to call her a friend. Rachel caught up with Like Pioneers while on tour to ask them a few questions before they stop at saki for an Epitonic saki Session this weekend! With little spare time and spotty wi-fi access, she managed to squeeze some crucial information out of this Chicago based five-piece...

Who would you tour with if you had to choose between Bowie, Prince, T Rex?

We had a pretty lengthy discussion about this in the van. Based on that one episode of the Chapelle show, we know that Prince can make killer pancakes and has a silky jumpshot. We’re a little worried that David Bowie would be a jerk, and/or try to touch us in our downs-there.

Why “Oh, Magic?” Anything magical happen to inspire the album?

“If 'Piecemeal' was technically our first album, then 'Oh, Magic' should be considered our first album as a band. It is the document of a year spent collectively dirtying a clean slate”

Tell 'Em, Ghost from Liz Parrott Radzicki on Vimeo.

What makes you want to wake up every morning?
Our resident neuroscientist suggests that it’s circadian rhythms. Also cheesy breakfast skillets.

Who would do the soundtrack of your bio-pic?
Van Gelous did the Blade Runner soundtrack, but we would also go for a series of John Williams smashups.

What are some rituals, mantras or exercises you do to prepare for a show?
If there’s one thing we all do right before a show, it’s empty our pockets. Matt does some stretches and Dan checks the batteries. Bobby usually writes the set list and then Janie loses hers. We drink a lot of orange Gatorade; no one runs any suicide sprints.

What is more important, music or plumbing?

I mean, the only answer is plumbing. A few years ago this was proven true when we played a SXSW show in a puddle of raw sewage.

What is coming up for Like Pioneers?

Literally right this second, the Ohio border is coming up for Like Pioneers. But we’re planning our next shows - the Saki in-store performance in July, and September shows for Tom’s Shoes and the Ravenswood Art Festival. Writing, writing, writing. Practicing our Twitter.

Catch Like Pioneers Epitonic saki Session on July 21!

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