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Saturday, July 28

Pics from Creative Control IV w/ The Orwells!

Holy cow, dudes! We had an amazing time last night with round IV of Creative Control. As always the stand up and sketch comedy was solid all the way through. The Puterbaugh Sisters came out as The Puter"bro" Sisters and called us all sluts, The Telethon embarked for Slut Harbor, there were some other jokes about sluts, our host, Joe McAdam readily ceded the stage to crazy people several times, and then, oh my god, and then The Orwells came out and punched us all in the face and made everyone feel very, very old and uncool. Seriously, where do these kids get off being so young and so awesome? It's NOT fair. I had to take lots of Mylanta with Alka Seltzer just to get over it.

The Orwells first record "Remember When" is out on Tuesday. We highly recommend you pick it up.

More pictures from Creative Control IV on our Facebook page!

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