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Monday, July 9

Weekly Ted Nugent Wrap Up

Oh Nugent. How you have made us long for the Amboy Dukes years....

First, you suggest, in print, that it might have been better if the Confederate States of America has won the Civil War. I was only slightly surprised that you didn't go on to call it The War of Northern Aggression while denying that the South fired the first shot. Since I'm in the middle of The Warmth of Other Suns, this grotesque utterance stung even more than it normally would have.

And I was just gonna pretend you hadn't actually thought that, much less said it, until today's news made me smile, somehow offsetting the former enough to make me want to acknowledge it in words. 

Ted Nugent's drummer, Mick Brown, flees police in golf cart after concert.
According to the police department, Brown, 55, reportedly stole a golf cart after a Bangor concert featuring Nugent, Styx, and REO Speedwagon at Bangor's waterfront pavilion.
Brown, who was reportedly intoxicated, evaded several people who tried to stop him and somehow picked up two women along the way, the department says on its Facebook page. (Italics mine.)
You can read the whole story over at MSNBC, and thanks for the mugshot Mick!

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