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Wednesday, August 8

Jay Howell - Dark Wave & Pages From Books

Hey, we're down to our last copies of these Jay Howell zines! Pages From Books is the first collection in an ongoing series from Jay.  It features all the skinny guys w/ boners, naked chicks on skateboards, dogs, beers, rockers, & endless good times you've come to expect from his whimsical-yet-crude artwork. Dark Wave tells the story of a black metal band's disenchanted lead singer. After succumbing to a panic attack on stage, he flees into the night & quickly finds himself surrounded by the great wild. It includes a download of the black metal song from the book, performed by Scott McPherson. Both of these are limited and we will probably never see them again, so don't sleep!

Along w/ designing the characters for the Fox series "Bob's Burgers" Jay Has illustrated for Vans, Burton, Anti-Hero, Creature, & created his own zine Punks Git Cut & animated series "The Forest City Rockers."

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