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Monday, August 13

saki Website Down, Down, (in the ground)

Our mail order site is back up & running. Please let us know if you run into any further issues! Sorry for any inconvenience.

Once again, we are victims of the seemingly grand fail rate of the Happy Dreamhost team. Since this morning when they announced that there was nothing at all wrong with the very slow service at sakistore.net, they eventually admitted that the inability to access our retail and wholesale database might actually be a problem. Dreamhost then moved us over to yet another new Virtual Private Server and gave us a new IP address, but in doing so they screwed up the SSLness and now you can't access our website.

And here we are.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have cause, are extremely sad about our lost business, and look forward with great anticipation the $7 credit we'll get to make up for it.


To entertain all of us while you're not spending money and we're not making it, we present this video of The Handsome Family playing their post-Appalachian classic, "Down in the Ground" at a 2010 Halloween show, complete with costumes and a dog on stage.


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