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Friday, August 3

This weekend @ saki!

It's that time again --- the weekend. As always, we've got a pretty full lineup of awesomeness going on at saki. We start tonight with the opening reception of Jim Newberry's photo exhibit, "Musicians." The party starts at 7 w/ a DJ set from Mike Bulington & snacks/drinks provided by saki!

Saturday, we've got an in-store/record release party for Nonagon & Blackout Dates. Blackout Dates are celebrating the release of their album, "Beverly," and they've prepared a special home brew just for Saturday! Nonagon isn't bringing anything but their own brand of indie/punk rock, but you know, that's cool too. This is going to be an awesome in-store, so don't miss it! It's just... guys, we'd prefer if you would ALL make us home brews, ok?

Sunday, we welcome the Wasted Plains Rock n Roll Revival Pre-Party with Barber Greene & Gorges. The official Wasted Plains event is August 25th. You can get more info on that here, but don't miss Sunday. We've been waiting for this one for a while!

Beyond the weekend, we've got Tender Forever on Monday! If you're a fan of K Records stalwarts like Mirah & The Blow, then you'll love Tender Forever's stripped down electronic pop. We typically don't even do in-store on Mondays, but we just couldn't pass this one up!

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