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Tuesday, August 28

Vinnie the Intern #12: Daniel Dumile - "The Best Emcee With No Chain You Ever Heard"

His persona(s), his attitude, and skills have made DOOM a well respected name in hip-hop. The newest of DOOM's albums, JJ DOOM's Key to the Kuffs was released last week. A great album that brings some new musical palates into the world of DOOM; I will give a quick review of Key to the Kuffs and a short retrospective of Daniel Dumile's multiple projects and personalities. 

JJ DOOM - Key to the Kuffs (Lex Records)
Key to the Kuffs, the collaboration of DOOM and Jneiro Jarel, has similar structure to the rest of DOOM's catalogue: familiar interludes, sound collages, and DOOM's clever wordplay. Who else but DOOM could fit Eyjafjallajokull (the name of a volcano in Iceland) into a verse? It is distinctly a DOOM record. The production is considerably more jagged than previous albums which gives proof to the versatility of his flow; but the "buttery flow" he spoke of in "Raid" off of Madvillainy is somewhat missing. Regardless, the album is a must for any DOOM fan.  

Some key tracks to check out: "Guv'nor," "Banished," "Retarded Fren," and "G.M.O." 

For any newcomers to DOOM, I have put together an essential list of DOOM's extensive library. 

London-born man of many aliases, Daniel Dumile (Zev Love X, MF DOOM, Madvillain, the Supervillain, Metal Fist, Metal Fingers, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, DANGERDOOM, DOOM, JJ DOOM) has thrown his hat (or mask, rather) into the ring with many collaboration albums and numerous solo albums after getting his start in the group KMD in the early 1990s.

Anyone curious of Daniel Dumile's mission statement should look no further than MF DOOM's "Doomsday." DOOM "came to destroy rap." In that light, Daniel Dumile has taken on the persona of a villain for the better portion of his career but also can slip into the space-monster-rap of King Geedorah or the smooth thug known as Viktor Vaughn who is featured on "Fancy Clown," off of Madvillainy. The song is a clever diss-track of Viktor Vaughn calling out DOOM (in reality, both personas being in the mind of one man). 

Between 2003 and 2004, Daniel Dumile released some of his most well received work such as King Geedorah's Take Me To Your Leader, Viktor Vaughn's Vaudeville Villain, MF DOOM's Mm..Food?, and the most celebrated, Madvillain's Madvillainy

Madvillain - Madvillainy (2004/Stones Throw)
Since his most prolific period, DOOM has dropped the "MF" from his name, produced two tracks off of the Joey Bada$$ mix-tape, 1999, has allegedly been working with Ghostface Killah for a new collaboration album, and has just released JJ DOOM's album, Key to the Kuffs

Below is a list of songs that any newcomer or long time fan of DOOM should enjoy.

01. MF DOOM - "Doomsday" - Operation: Doomsday
02. Madvillain - "Fancy Clown" - Madvillainy
03. Madvillain - "Figaro" - Madvillainy
04. King Geedorah - "Fazers" - Take Me To Your Leader
05. Madvillain - "Accordian" - Madvillainy
06. MF DOOM - "Vomitspit" - MM..Food?
07. King Geedorah - "Next Levels" - Take Me To Your Leader
08. MF DOOM - "Rhymes Like Dimes" - Operation: Doomsday
09. Madvillain - "Money Folder" - Madvillainy 
10. Madvillain - "Meat Grinder" - Madvillainy
11. Madvillain - "Raid" - Madvillainy
12. JJ DOOM - "Guv'nor" - Key To The Kuffs
13. DOOM - "Ballskin" - Born This Way
14. DOOM - "Gazzillion Ear" - Born This Way
15. DOOM - "Absolutely" - Born This Way
16. DANGERDOOM - "Sofa King" - The Mouse & The Mask
17. Madvillain - "Curls" - Madvillainy 
18. Viktor Vaughn - "Raedawn" - Vaudeville Villain
19. MF DOOM - "Beef Rapp" - MM..Food?
20. MF DOOM - "Hoe Cakes" - MM..Food?
21. JJ DOOM - "Banished" - Key To The Kuffs
22. MF DOOM - "Kon Karne" - MM..Food?
23. Viktor Vaughn - "Let Me Watch" - Vaudeville Villain
24. JJ DOOM - "G.M.O." - Key To The Kuffs
25. Madvillain - "Rhinestone Cowboy" - Madvillainy

I hope this guide to DOOM has helped. 
"Just remember All Caps when you spell the man's name."

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