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Monday, September 24

Helado Negro & Serengeti today! Here We Go Magic tomorrow @ 3!

It's weird when your "case of the Mondays" means that you're freaking out about how awesome your week is going to be! In addition to an Epitonic saki Session with Helado Negro & Serengeti with Tony Trimm at 5pm today, we now have another session tomorrow with Here We Go Magic at 3pm (not 1:30 pm as previously announced)!

Two sessions on two consecutive weekdays is bonkers enough, but when it's with the caliber of bands we've got here, well, bonkers just isn't a strong enough word... it's whacked. It's just whacked.

We hope you can make it to both sessions & don't forget to look out for them on Epitonic in a few weeks!

As always, these in-store sessions are FREE & ALL AGES!

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