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Sunday, September 23

Q & A with Helado Negro

Tomorrow... Monday, September 24, 2012 at 5 pm Helado Negro (with Tony Trimm and Serengeti) will be performing an Epitonic saki Session open to the public. (RSVP here.)We caught up with Helado Negro and picked his brain a bit. 

Roberto Carlos Lange earned his nickname, Negro (a name used as a term of endearment), growing up  in South Florida. He went off to college in Savannah, Georgia and discovered visual and auditory art. He and David Ellis were working on some  kinetic sound sculptures.  

These include typewriters that self-type the lyrics to Grand Master Flash's "The Message" (in rhythm to the song, none-the-less), musical owls drawn out of liquor bottles, owl costumes made out of straws, flying musical birds, motion paintings, and trash cans (full of trash) that are actually living drum machines.' -Asthmatic Kitty.  
He has worked on several projects, including Epstein, School of Seven Bells, Prefuse 73, Ombre (project with Julianna Barwick) and has released several albums including Canta Lechuza, Awe Owe and Pasajero on Asthmatic Kitty.  He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.
  Favorite/least favorite cheese?
I say the stinkier the better... As a kid I started with American Cheeses, nowadays I go to the farmers market/cheese factory for some stinky blue. 
Most Memorable gig? 
While touring in Japan we had several strange experiences. we were traveling through smaller towns when we stopped by this strange place filled with fast food joints and strip malls... and a truck lot is where we ended up playing; weird to be at some abandoned spot with a total of five people and giant speakers surrounding the room, I was thinking “where the hell are we?” Another strange (awesome) venue we played was on a mountain top, while in the pouring rain, ape shit crazy, so random to just end up on a hippie commune in Japan. They had some super earthy hippie products too...  for instance reusable lady pads, I put them on my eyes before I go to sleep. And we stopped at a beer joint and ate whale and octopus jerky... I had to try it, the whale jerky. 

How did you begin your career and who were your influences? 
I just got into it.... my  first step in the direction was buying records, playing guitar, sampling records... seeing where I could tear things apart and reorganize them, veer from a traditional learning structure. 
  Seen Any good shows lately? 
  Oh shit, I have a hard time attending live shows which reflects how I feel when performing live as well. I can only take so much. If they were only ten minutes, no more then thirty minutes, I’d enjoy it much more. 
  What is something you never leave home without before going on tour?
Trying to think of something good to say, something original... clothes. 
What was the last record you bought?
This is funny because its like when I get into a record store those 300 albums that I wanted and thought of throughout the day just escape my memory, so recently I bought an album from the originals, still have yet to open it, judging from the cover I would say it is R n B and Soul; Abner Jay; also Juliana Barwick. 
  What is the worst/best advice you have ever been given?
My High School guidance  counselor said I should go to community college. The best advice I have ever been given was don’t go to community college.
There is a Craigslist missed connections ad written about you, what does it say?
I saw you with the puffy hair, remember me? You were at the Micky D’s eating chicken nuggets.
Let’s say for the rest of your life You have to carry a 50 lb bag, that is full of ______?
Of... what, what the hell would I have in there? A lot of paper and pens... 
  Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands? 
Either way would be fine because I would be a monkey 
  Anything else you want the people to know? Or not to know?
I do have to go to the bathroom... and I love interviews. 

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