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Tuesday, September 18

saki newsletter 9/18!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to see Handsome Family & Daniel Knox on Thursday and/or the Fug Comics opening on Saturday. We had a great time at both & we appreciate your support! You can check out both sets from Thursday when they're posted on Epitonic (hopefully in the near future). The Fug Comics show will be up until the 30th so you've only got about another two weeks to come check it out and pick up a piece if you're so inclined. We know we'll be taking a few home at the end of the month... I mean seriously, how could you NOT want to  buy this:

We've got another crazy weekend coming up for you, starting with Senorita Weiner's Top Secret Humor Experiment & Ice Cream Social Club on Friday. It's free, it's great stand up comedy & there's ice cream (though the ice cream might cost you an e-mail address...). Saturday we're welcoming back the Terra 5 hip hop collective with Cochise Soulstar. We hosted this same lineup a few months back, but we didn't feel like enough people came so we're giving you all another chance! This is seriously good local hip hop. Cochise has a tape & 7" coming out with our friends at Notes & Bolts, and Terra 5 is just a bunch of hungry young kids trying to make a name for themselves without being all Chief Keef-y. We need less Chief Keef's and more Terra 5!

Next Monday, we've got Helado Negro with Serengeti & Tony Trimm for an Epitonic saki Session! This one just came together a few days ago, so we really need your help spreading the word! It's going to be amazing - guaranteed. If it's not amazing you can punch me (Adam) in the arm as hard as  you want. That's how confident I am in this session.

There's a bunch of other good stuff coming up including possible sessions with Woods, Here We Go Magic, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Motion City Soundtrack & more, but none of those are fully confirmed yet, so keep checking those inboxes, kids! We aim to please.

Upcoming Events @ saki:
Friday, September 21st @ 8pm

Senorita Weiner's Top Secret Humor Experiment & Ice Cream Social Club!
Saturday, September 22nd @ 4pm
In-store w/ Terra 5 & Cochise Soulstar!
Monday, September 24th @ 5pm
Epitonic saki Session w/ Helado Negro, Serengeti & Tony Trimm!
Friday, September 28th @ 8pm
Creative Control w/ Joe McAdam!
Saturday, September 29th, 11am-4pm
Find us at the Schuba's Pig, Swig & Dig!
Saturday, October 6th @ 6pm
Dysgraphia: An Exhibition by Jordan Martins!
Monday, October 29th @ 6pm
AD Presentes: An Epitonic saki Session w/ Father John Misty & The Orwells!

New Releases @ saki 9/18/12:
Band of Horses - Mirage Rock CD & LP
Brother Ali - Mourning in America & Dreaming In Color CD (LP delayed)
Margaret Cho & Neil Hamburger - I Drink b/w How Little Men Care 7"
Kevin Coyne - Case History LP
Dinosaur Jr. - I Bet On Sky CD & LP
Grizzly Bear - Shields CD & LP
How To Dress Well - Total Loss CD (LP on 10/16)
JJ Doom - Key To The Kuffs LP
Loop - Heaven's End LP
Lymbyc Systym - Symbolyst CD & LP
Maximum Rock n Roll Issue #353
Menomena - Moms CD & LP
Minus Times Collected - V/A book (collected zines)
Night Beds - Even If We Try 7"
Robert Pollard - Jack Sells The Cow CD
Sam Prekop - Who's Your New Professor LP
Rangda - Formerly Extinct CD & LP
Rhyton - Emerald Tablet LP
Sea & Cake - Runner CD & LP
Sensations' Fix - Music Is Painting In The Air CD & LP
Sic Alps - S/T CD, LP & cassette
Skeletons - The Bus LP
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Meat & Bone LP
Sun Araw - The Inner Treaty CD & LP
Corin Tucker Band - Kill My Blues CD & LP
Woods - Bend Beyond CD & LP

Check out these new & upcoming featured releases from saki/CTD!

Loosen The Lead & Spoil The Dogs cover art
Colossal Yes Loosen The Lead & Spoil The Dogs
Label: Jackpot Records
Format: CD
Catalog Number: jpr023cd
Release Date: September 25, 2012
STREET DATE 9/25. This 3rd full-length from Colossal Yes (a project masterminded by COMETS ON FIRE drummer Utrillo Kushner) embraces unhinged power pop, bleary-eyed classic rock, & channels the late-night, art with meaning vibe, of early 70s singer-songwriters. Joined herein by Ben Chasny (COMETS ON FIRE, SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE), Ben Flashmen (COMETS ON FIRE), Noel Von Harmonson (SIC ALPS) as well as members of AISLER'S SET & HOWLING RAIN
Loosen The Lead & Spoil The Dogs cover art
Colossal Yes Loosen The Lead & Spoil The Dogs
Label: Jackpot Records
Format: LP
Catalog Number: jpr023lp
Release Date: September 25, 2012
09/25 STREET DATE. VINYL VERSION comes with complimentary download code
End Of Daze cover art
Dum Dum Girls End Of Daze
Label: Sub Pop
Format: MLP
Catalog Number: spp1001lp
Release Date: September 25, 2012
STREET DATE 9/25. This EP flows from a pair of bombastic opening tracks, through the simmerging, plaintive cover of the Strawberry Switchblade's "Trees & Flowers", to the regretful ballad "Lord Knows", in which Dee Dee's voice remains rich yet crystalline, a gorgeous, toned instrument revealing an awareness of fear & misstep. Incld download. NO RETURNS. NO EXPORT
Big Cats Can Swim cover art
Eureka California Big Cats Can Swim
Label: Happy Happy Birthday To Me
Format: LP
Catalog Number: hhbtm148lp
Release Date: September 04, 2012
Eureka California tells stories of a society in decline, of dysfunctional citizens awash in their unsatisfied fucked-up desires. They make yearning, echo beach nuggets pop that tells stories of life in the southern college town of Athens, Georgia. His voice at times eerily reminiscent of Las frontman Lee Mavers, ECs Jake Ward is razor sharp and soaked in sweat. Overeducated and under appreciated, Ward shouts out his agitated power pop with a fuzzy intelligence. Comes with download code
Curtain cover art
Flock Of Dimes Curtain
Label: Merge
Format: 7"
Catalog Number: mrg468
Release Date: September 25, 2012
STREET DATE 9/25. Solo project of WYE OAK's Jenn Wasner. Incld download. Ltd to 1,000. NO RETURNS. NO CANADA/NO EXPORT
Clean Out Of Our Minds cover art
Great Unwashed Clean Out Of Our Minds
Label: Exiled
Format: LP
Catalog Number: ex02lp
After THE CLEAN broke up the 1st time, David & Hamish Kilgour acquired a 4 track & recorded this bedroom psych-pop masterpiece - originally released on Flying Nun in 1983. Slightly more experimental (& relaxed) than The Clean, they utilize lots of acoustic instruments & tap into a kind of Syd Barrett vibe
My Society cover art
Heart Of Hearts My Society
Label: Bleek
Format: LP
Catalog Number: bleek010lp
Release Date: September 25, 2012
STREET DATE 9/25. Dark moods & ominous, "Frankie Teardrop"-esque atmospherics. Lush & dark pop in the computer age. Incld download
Heaven's End cover art
Loop Heaven's End
Label: Reactor
Format: LP
Catalog Number: reactor01lp
Release Date: September 18, 2012
Reissue of British primal psych band's debut album, on vinyl for the 1st time since 1991. Includes download. NO EXPORT
Slow Bang cover art
Madeline Slow Bang
Label: This Will Be Our Summer
Format: LP
Catalog Number: twbos008lp
Originally released in 2006, Madeline's "The Slow Bang", is produced by PhosphorescentÕs Matthew Houck, whose ghostly piano and laid-back, well-placed percussion accompanies AdamsÕ own uniquely simple finger-plucked guitar, setting an intimate stage for the heart-breaking work of this southern siren. Picture the kind of summer heat that you have to fend off with bourbon and porch sitting, then layer that on top of the strawberry sweet voice of Madeline trying to get past the precociousness of youth
Extended Play EP Illegal Art ReMix Tape cover art
Miller, TJ Extended Play EP Illegal Art ReMix Tape
Label: Illegal Art
Format: CD
Catalog Number: ill130cd
Release Date: September 25, 2012
**EXCLUSIVE!! 09/25 STREET DATE. TJ Miller is one of America's hottest young comics, recently starring in "No Real Reason" on Comedy Central. "The Extended Play EP Illegal Art ReMix Tape" is a remix album of T.J. Miller's 1st CD ""The Extended Play EP" on Comedy Central Records, where we find him adopting the role of entitled hip-hop dilettante. Now, he takes it a step further by turning content from this release over to some of the world's top remixers (THE KLEPTONES, JUNK CULTURE, BABES, TOUCH PEOPLE, BRAN FLAKES, JESSE CASE & STEINSKI).
S/T cover art
Mondegreen, Dylan S/T
Label: Shelflife
Format: CD
Catalog Number: life093cd
Release Date: September 25, 2012
**EXCLUSIVE!! 09/25 STREET DATE. Dylan Mondegreen is a pseudonym for Norwegian recording artist Borge Sildnes. This is his 1st North American album. Recorded by Ian Catt (SAINT ETIENNE, FIELD MICE, SARAH RECORDS). Symphonic & lush, the album is filled with string ensembles, woodwinds & percussion, delightly showing why he's been compared to the likes of Blueboy, Jens Lekman & Sufjan Stevens. NO EXPORT OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA
S/T cover art
Mondegreen, Dylan S/T
Label: Shelflife
Format: LP
Catalog Number: life093lp
Release Date: September 25, 2012
**EXCLUSIVE! 09/25 STREET DATE. VINYL VERSION ON 180 GRAM VINYL LIMITED TO 200 QTY comes with gratis download. "Indie-pop has entered its soft-rock phase, and it sounds pretty good." - Pitchfork. NO EXPORT OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA
Ono, Yoko / Kim Gordon / Thurston Moore YOKOKIMTHURSTON
Label: Chimera
Format: CD
Catalog Number: chim010cd
Release Date: September 25, 2012
**EXCLUSIVE!! 09/25 STREET DATE. This is NYC avant garde convergence at its finest. The idea of a meeting between Yoko Ono, Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore is so perfect, so obvious, the only shock is that it didn't happen earlier. Recorded in 2011 at Manhattan's Sear Sound, the album features lead vocals by Yoko, with backing vocals & guitars by Kim & Thurston. It's a wild collision of song-form, poetics, free-rock & classic glossolalic ecstasy. Yoko has not allowed herself to sound this raw since the earliest recordings of the Plastic Ono Band. There's a remarkably empathic & comfortable quality to the sound. The 3 communicate as though they'd been playing together forever. NO EXPORT TO EU/JAPAN
Essence of Ellington/Live in Milano cover art
Parker, William Orchestra Essence of Ellington/Live in Milano
Label: AUM Fidelity
Format: 2CD
Catalog Number: cent1008/1009cd
Release Date: September 11, 2012
The Orchestra interprets selections from the Duke Ellington book, & new William Parker compositions inspired by the essence of Ellington. Over 2 hours of transformative exuberance & tenderness, is here presented in its entirety
Ozma cover art
Shannon & The Clams Ozma
Label: 1-2-3-4 Go!
Format: 7"
Catalog Number: go55
Release Date: August 21, 2012
"Ozma" is perhaps one of the sweetest odes to a dearly departed, snoring, rabbit munching mutt. Shannon moonlights in HUNX & HIS PUNX, & King Lollipop found praise w/ his selftitles solo venture. "Young Oldies" is a fitting term for this Del Shannon cast garage-punk mold
Strapped cover art
Soft Pack Strapped
Label: Mexican Summer
Format: LP
Catalog Number: mex126lp
Release Date: September 25, 2012
STREET DATE 9/25. Their pop rock foundations are undeniably still present - but they've spent a lot of time listening to Denim, Momus, The Church, Lee Hazlewood. NO RETURNS
Sweater Girls Were Here... cover art
Sweater Girls Sweater Girls Were Here...
Label: Happy Happy Birthday To Me
Format: LP
Catalog Number: hhbtm147lp
Release Date: September 25, 2012
STREET DATE 9/25. Los Angeles' Sweater Girls got the beat. Sweater Girls are living down on Infatuation Street. Sweater Girls are a bright, Vitamin D-enriched ankle sock delight. Their debut album, sounds like the band inhaled all three packets of Fun Dip along with the sugar sticks. It is all about spazzing out over love and loss, the jittery adrenaline jag of youth. Its vertical melodies skip up and down the scale, even as they describe a horizontal lifestyle. Debut single sold through 2 pressings, follow up single in the middle of 2nd pressing
Bend Beyond cover art
Woods Bend Beyond
Label: Woodsist
Format: CD
Catalog Number: woodsist062cd
Release Date: September 18, 2012
7th album is their most full & darkest yet, capturing the band's live intensity, but keeping the intimate sadness that made them so great in the 1st place
Bend Beyond cover art
Woods Bend Beyond
Label: Woodsist
Format: LP
Catalog Number: woodsist062lp
Release Date: September 18, 2012
LP w/ download
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