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Wednesday, September 19

Senorita Weiner's Top Secret Humor Experiment and Ice Cream Social Club!

Just over a year ago, Adam and I stumbled out of AV Fest shortly after Archers of Loaf's headlining set, and headed south on Ashland towards Cobra Lounge for the debut of a new standup showcase produced by two local comedy giants, Junior Stopka and Mike Lebovitz. Being a sucker for gimmicks, I was immediately won over by the concept behind Señorita Weiner: when the comedy show ends, the entire audience gets free ice cream sundaes.

Since that first date at Cobra Lounge, Señorita Weiner's Top Secret Humor Experiment and Ice Cream Social Club has traveled to a few more of saki's favorite places in Chicago, like the Empty Bottle and Bucket O'Blood. We were lucky enough to be approached by Junior a few months ago about hosting the Señorita here at saki. Being fans of both comedy AND ice cream, we were happy to oblige!

For those who might not be familiar with the two producers, Junior recently finished a tour of the Southeast with Doug Stanhope (and also did probably my favorite set of the 5 Creative Control shows at saki), and Mike's a producer at one of the city's best-run local comedy showcases, Comedians You Should Know. In a preview of a past SW event, Junior and Mike were christened by the Chicago Reader as "two of the scene's most unabashedly bizzarre performers."

The show is this Friday, September 21st at 8pm. In addition to sets from Stopka and Lebovitz, local humorists Liza Treyger (whose Creative Control appearance a few months back absolutely wrecked me) and Charlie Bury, who you may know from being very funny at The Lincoln Lodge and as a part of the staff on The Late Live Show.

You might have noticed that the last word in the show's long-form title is "Club." You might be asking yourself "What is this club and how do I join it?" or "What are the stipulations of joining said club?" or "Are there any barriers to entry?" Here are the answers: it's mostly just a mailing list but there are other hidden perks, too!; go to senoritaweiner.com and enter your name and email address; there are none, I guess; no, there aren't.

Once again:
featuring standup comedy from
Mike Lebovitz
Liza Treyger
Charlie Bury
plus free a ice cream sundae party afterwards!
Friday 9/21/12
Free (but bring $5 to donate to the performers, they deserve it)
All Ages

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