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Friday, September 21

This weekend @ saki!

Well, this is a little late... if you're not here right now, you've already missed most of Senorita Weiner's Humor Experiment & Ice Cream Social Club. That's a shame. You should have been here! Fortunately for you, Senorita Weiner is a traveling show & if you're so inclined you can catch them at their next show. We recommend that you do!

Tomorrow, we're welcoming back the Terra 5 collective & Cochise Soulstar for an in-store! We had this same lineup a few months back, but we decided that not enough people came out to see it, so we're giving you another chance. Don't take it for granted! These are two of Chicago's best hip hop acts. Come see them for free!

We're going to cheat - this isn't on the weekend, but next Monday we have an Epitonic saki Session with Helado Negro & Serengeti with Tony Trimm! That's a CRAZY lineup! We're kind of shocked that it's even happening, folks. Don't miss the show & make sure you check out the Epitonic saki Sessions page in a few weeks to download the sessions. In the meantime, grab the thirty-some other sessions that are available now for FREE download!

We'll see you this weekend! 

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