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Tuesday, September 25

Vinnie the Intern #16: Some Tracks Worth Checking Out

This week I will be highlighting several new (or new to me) songs from artists such as Flying Lotus to Titus Andronicus. Enjoy.

XXYYXX's single "About You" contains a hazy, Weeknd-esque beat and a back-masked lyric of "here forever inside." The hypnotic beat grows into a skittering snare and synth saturated blast of energy. It is worth noting that rappers Kami de Chukwu and Brian Fresco used the track for their song "Red Rover."

Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes (10-02/Warp)
The new Flying Lotus album, Until the Quiet Comes, is available to stream now on NPR. It does not disappoint. The immediate standout for me was the gorgeous two suite mix of "me Yesterday//Corded." A bass heavy, jazzy, ascending beat that brings a feeling of euphoria when it hits its climax.

The anonymous Captain Murphy's released his newest track off his upcoming album, Duality, last week."The Killing Joke" features a backing track of something that can be roughly translated to 'bring Lucifer to me, on a tray" and lyrics such as "speculate my identity, good luck, you'll never find me." The track has many references to Batman and the Joker. The Killing Joke is also a title of the titular graphic novel from 1988.

 Arguments With Dreams, the newest release from Busdriver can be downloaded for free here.  "The Serrated Blade of a Smile" is an adventurous, choppy track and an immediate standout off of the new EP.

A song that will undeniably be under a mixture of scrutiny and praise, "California Boy," Lil B's to brave foray into rock territory with an unabashed love song. This is no "Wonton Soup." There are no chants of "swag" or  noting his "Based God" personality. Lil B will be releasing an entire rock album in the upcoming months. True artist pushing himself or a troll, some people are still not convinced. Listen to "California Boy" and you decide. 

The new Titus Andronicus is a look at consumption, New York, and the feeling of being a machine. It is a far cry from early songs such as "Joset of Nazareth's Blues" vocally but structurally and instrumentally nothing is out of place. They have traded gravelly vocals for for clear anthemic vocals. Perhaps the reason lyrics are included in the video is because theses vocals were meant to be repeated. The new album, Local Business, will be available on October 22.

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