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Monday, October 8

Accolades just keep coming for Philip Glass "Rework"

CTD is pleased (as punch, no doubt) to present the new PHILIP GLASS remix album, Rework: Philip Glass Remixed on The Kora Records / Ernest Jenning Records.  It's a remix album curated by none other than BECK himself.  And the list of luminaries is SUB-STAN-TIAL - a virtual who's who of incredibility offer their remix services on this 2xLP/2xCD


Check out who has noticed thus far:

"Here's the 20-minute entirety of Beck's take on Philip Glass' work, which appears on the upcoming Beck-orchestrated Rework: Philip Glass Remixed. It's called "NYC 73-78" and contains Beck's patchwork remix collage of more than 20 various original Glass compositions...."

"Philip Glass' 75th birthday will be celebrated with Rework: Philip Glass Remixed, the 2xCD remix album out October 23 via Orange Mountain Music/Ernest Jenning/The Kora Records. The album will feature remixes from Beck, Dan Deacon, Pantha du Prince, and more, and will come accompanied with an app designed by Scott Snibbe (who worked on the design for Björk's Biophilia app project). Here's a remix of "Rubric" from former Battles member Tyondai Braxton, who'll be collaborating with Glass for a performance during the upcoming ATP I'll Be Your Mirror festival...."

"REWORK: Philip Glass Remixed usually meets somewhere in the middle between calming ambient pieces and kinetic electronic contraptions, with a frequent emphasis on pastiche that suits both its subject and its highest-profile guest participants. Beck, for example, stitches together more than 20 Glass works in as many minutes, living up to his stated desire to present a distillation of the composer's entire career as a continuum; the result moves through many phases, with frequently gorgeous results. Dan Deacon, who knows his way around compositions that swirl and clatter hypnotically, constructs 'Alight Spiral Snip' around repetitive dissonance before letting the piece give way to smeared-out beauty. Tyondai Braxton gives "Rubric" a toy-box peppiness redolent of his own compositions, while Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson — who knows his way around works both orchestral and experimental — crafts what sounds like an especially inventive bit of portentous film score in 'Protest.'

It's a testament to Glass' distinctive genius that these 12 varied approaches — and remix artists as diverse as Pantha Du Prince, Cornelius and Efterklang's Peter Broderick — hang together collectively as well as they do. And, of course, REWORK doesn't stop there: It's getting its own interactive app — designed by Scott Snibbe Studio, which worked on Bjork's Biophilia project — that gives these songs a visual stamp and lets users emulate Glass themselves. Which is, of course, an appropriate way to give these second-generation pieces yet more lives beyond what Glass himself envisioned. Why should the music stop breathing and evolving once these folks are done with it?"

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