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Saturday, October 20

CMJ Day 2

Hi All,

I am still having some technical difficulties - while I bought a USB card reader, with the help of my hosts, they have discovered that the SD card itself isn't reading in a USB port. This will get sorted out when I return to the CTD compound, but in the meantime - I'll still let you know what I've been doing on a day to day basis.

Day 2 -

After a lunch meeting in Soho, I head uptown to visit an event sponsored by Insound. From the flyer, I'm not entirely sure what it is, I just know that it's going to be some bands performing at a studio.

I like to think that I have an excellent sense of direction, but I'm always a little disoriented when leaving a NYC subway. I choose a direction to go to, and most of the time it is usually the wrong direction. However, sometimes going in the wrong direction ends up in fun discoveries, this time it resulted in stumbling upon the Hotel Chelsea:

I'm in the process of reading Patti Smith's memoir "Just Kids," and it was exciting to run into the infamous hotel where many musicians, artists, and authors have lived (and in some cases died). Fun piece of musical history.

I find the studio, Stratosphere Sound Recording Studio on 11th Av and 26th Street. The event is a "special look into the recording process" a few top notch CMJ artists are actually recording in this studio, and the invitees get a chance to take a look (with booze included!) I sit and watch the band Ape School record a few songs:

Later in the evening, I finally catch the up-and-coming group Savages. They are at a warehouse turned skate park House of Vans - since the space was big enough I got in easily. The best way I can describe Savages is an all girl Joy Division, but I mean that in a good way. The singer looks, dresses and has the same mannerisms as Ian Curtis. The music is dark, pulsating and loud:

I continue on to see Hundred Waters and my particular new favorite, the psych revivalists Foxygen at Brooklyn Bowl. I meet with more label friends from overseas, have a few drinks and call it a night because there are much more way to come.

More on Day 3...

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